Are you grateful for what you have and what you have achieved? So many people are so hard on themselves for not being where they think they should be. There is no need for that, start being grateful for who you are and not worry about what you do not have. The more you can be grateful for this, the more you attract to you. Sit there feeling sorry for yourself and angry at others for hurting you is only keeping you in a negative space and drawing more to you. Change your thoughts, feelings and actions. Yes, I know you’ve heard it before that if you change your thoughts all good will come to you. That is just the beginning, because you cannot change your thoughts and still feeling angry and fearful and act like you are not happy. It must all come together to make a change, even a small one in your life. Start off with something easy like feeling happy and thinking happy and acting happy. If there are negative people around you, don’t hang out with them as this will only change you back to being miserable. Do this today and them tomorrow and everyday. You will begin to see wonderful changes in all areas I your life come to be. Namaste
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Learn to love yourself as this is the first person you should love. Loving yourself is what draws what you want to you. Don’t put yourself down when things don’t go the way you thought they would, making a mistake is how we learn. Be grateful for what you learned and move on. The more you love yourself the less you worry about being alone, as you always have a fun time being with You. Live your life for you and no one else. Namaste
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Look at your life today through the eyes of love, knowing that all is well in your life. Nothing can make it worse or better, only you have the control and you are loving every minute. Today, be the one who shines brightly, showing others how wonderful your life is. You don’t have to have everything, love, happiness and joy is all you need. With that and gratitude, all you want will come to you. Live abundantly, Now! Don’t hold back waiting for the right time. Change happens when the time is right, make it now, and don’t look back. Namaste

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When you feel love in your heart it is easy to be drawn to loving people. Without love, we don’t know how to treat ourselves or how to treat others as well as how others should treat us. When you are not respected and treated unfairly you blame other people, but you should take a step back and realize how you feel about yourself. Many people feel that they deserve to be ill treated, as they have probably been treated that way all their life and know no better. Once you start to love who you are, then you start to feel differently about yourself. You will stand up for yourself or walk away from situations that do not suit you. Only You can control how others see and treat you. Don’t blame other people for how You let them treat you. Abuse stems from being abused, it’s as simple as that. The only way to stop that is to change within yourself, and you must want to change. People feel that what they do when they are abusive is ok, because this is all they know. Change yourself from within, from fear to love, you will sense the change in how others are around you as you will no longer stay with abusive or harmful people. Love is what makes life worth living, ask people who have been abused and decided that they were going to change from fear to love so that they did not repeat this. Live a loving life and share the love with others. Namaste
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Are you still having a hard time changing your attitude to yourself? Make today the day you say “I love Me!” Not everything in this day will be about you, but you can make it so on the inside. Tell yourself as you get ready for the day, that today is ‘My’ day, and nothing us going to change it. Be grateful for all that you have in your life, it doesn’t matter how much or little you have, smile, say Thank You and hold that feeling of gratitude deep within your heart. You will find that the more you are grateful and happy for what you have, the less stressed you are and things will begin to look better. Do this for yourself and no one else. You will soon see the negative people stop coming into your life and more positive people appear. Live a life loving and appreciating yourself for being You. Namaste
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I love this wonderful affirmation cards from Louise Hay, and this one says it all. The more you love yourself and your body, the healthier and happier you will be. You see, once you change your thoughts and actions, it shows in your entire being. If you hold thoughts of anger, hate, despair and other negative thoughts and feelings, it festers inside of you, and begins to impact your health. Today, let go of any negativity you are holding on to and live a loving happier life. Namaste
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Why oh why do some people want to be like someone else, instead of themselves, it makes no sense. There are no two people who are alike, this includes twins or multiples of any kind. They may look alike, but they do not have the same likes or dislikes or want the same things out of life. Bring unique is a great thing as we are all here to be us, ourselves. The sooner people realize this the quicker they will move forward in their life and be who they are. So many people hide who they are at work, with their family and with friends. In the end they don’t even recognize who they are as they are playing so many different parts. Stop being what you think others want to see and hear, and be You. Only you can be You, no one else can. You have to drop the facade and just be You. Now, there maybe people who may not like the real you, and that’s ok, not everyone likes everyone else, so let them go. Don’t try to change again so that they will like you. If they cannot accept the true you, then they are not truly your friend. Start today, be your authentic self and feel how much happier you are. This is what you have been waiting for, to be relaxed and just being free to be You. Namaste
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