The law of attraction may seem difficult, but after reading what this image says, it seems so simple. Humans want life to be easy, yet they make it so hard for themselves. If we don’t like a job leave it and find another. If we don’t love our partner then leave them and find another. It’s as simple as that for Everything we do in life. We are the ones who make it difficult as we say ‘what if’. When your not happy and don’t know what to do to make things better, fear is your best friend. Fear keeps you stuck in the place you don’t want to be because it says ‘you don’t know what’s out there’. And that’s exactly it, you don’t, but you know you are not happy where you are. You can either choose to change your attitude towards your job, relationship or life or move away from it. Talk to your partner, they may be feeling the same, but neither I you are talking about it so it just stays the same. Everything changes and everyone changes all the time, even if they think they don’t. If it all stayed the same, then what would be the point of life. Decide what you want and go for it. Say good bye to fear and hello to happiness!
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What have you done today that has brightened someone else’s life, as well as yourself? Being creative can mean so many different things, it doesn’t only mean to be an artist. Go deep within and find that creativeness that brings a smile on you face. Everyone has something that is just them, but many times they do not see it. Create something that makes you happy and don’t worry about what others may have to say. You have to life your life for You and not for anyone else. You will find that the more you make yourself joyful (full of joy) the more others around you will be happy. The negative nellies will no longer be a part of your life. Create joy Now! Namaste
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How are you feeling today? Be honest with yourself, this answer if for you only, not for your friends, colleagues or family. You will find that when you are truly honest with yourself, You will want to make the change that is necessary. When someone asks how are you, they really don’t want to hear your complaints, so we just say we are doing well or fine. Today, sit in silent contemplation, just for a few minutes and be honest about how you feel. If your feeling awesome, then good for you, but if you are feeling down, lost or just don’t know, then take the time to question yourself about what you want from your life. We all have the ability to be successful in whatever we choose to do, we just have to be happy doing our chosen path. Don’t do something because your family or friends tell you that you would be great at it. They don’t know who you are deep down inside, so make the choice for You. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, make it a great one, step out of your own shadow and shine bright! Namaste
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On a celebratory day we should all give thanks for what we have and remember who helped us get there. In this thinking we should pass on the good by supporting someone else who needs a boost in themselves. Maybe you are the one who needs some encouragement, don’t worry, once who encourage someone else you will find that it will come back to you too. Remember, we attract what we think, so have positive thoughts, help someone else and you will receive the same. Action can speak louder than words, but if you hold negative thoughts and feelings, you will attract it back to you. Be happy to help someone today and feel blessed that you are able to do so. Somewhere there is someone hoping that they will receive what you are willing to offer. Namaste
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If you are not feeling at peace within yourself, how can you move forward in your life. Being at peace allows you to deal with anything that comes along in life. We all want the perfect life where everything goes our way and nothing stops us from having what we want. However, this is not how things are, be honest with yourself. When you are expecting something wonderful to happen and it does not go as planned, you say you had bad luck, why? Whatever happens, happened, because that’s how it was meant to be. We learn lessons everyday, to teach us how to deal with certain situations. If everything was perfect, then we wouldn’t learn anything. We have to go through the tough times to appreciate the good we have. Joy can be found in every moment, so learn from mistakes or errors made and forgive yourself for making them. You never know when those mistakes could save your life or someone else’s. Look at everything in a positive way and this will help to keep you at peace within. Namaste
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Whether you believe it or not, you have control over how your day goes. It all starts from the time you open your eyes when you wake in the morning. If you wake up thinking that the day is going to be awful, then that is what you will get, however if you choose to say “Today is going to be awesome!” then that is what you have chosen. We may feel that we do not have control of how many things happen in our days, but when you think about it, you do. You choose to drive or take the train to work, you choose to park close to the building or far away so you get a bit of a walk in. When thugs that you think are bad happen to you, you have attracted them with your thoughts. Stop thinking that things won’t work out or that your going to miss the train or that there will be tons o Make wise choices with your thought and you will find that your day will run much smoother. Be the kind of person that others want to admire because you didn’t lose your cool when a client blows up at you. You have the choice to be the person who understands the clients frustration and work with them to give them what they want. This way te client will think twice about loosing their temper the next time, and talk to you first before the meeting. Stay positive with your thoughts and actions and have a wonderful day, Everyday!!! Namaste
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Healing starts from within. This is a time for you to forgive yourself as well as others. Many people are so hard on themselves for past mistakes. What they don’t realize is that whatever happened had to, for them to be where they are now. Everything happens for a reason, even when you feel that it is not fair. Have faith in yourself to know that you can make it past this time, and the quicker you forgive, the easier and swifter it will happen. Should it feels like you are repeating the same mistakes, take a step back and find what the lesson is. Once you see it, make the change in your behavior or attitude, then you will see positive change come your way. Remember, forgiveness is the way out of the negative state of your life. Namaste
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